First blog post in a while, but hey…………… its February, we have sun, and its dry enough that the grass can be cut

So I know I haven’t posted in a while ( if 7 months can count as a while ), but its the beginning of a new month, its the start of #februdairy,  behind the scenes things are happening which I cant wait to get to print and we have sun which is a great start. Also more existing designs of 1000 piece puzzles are currently in the press after a busy Christmas and New Year.

Its pretty unreal to think that its February, we have now had 2 dry days of sun, and it is dry enough to cut the grass as I’ve seen some people out with their lawnmowers. Obviously in no way is it #silage2020 season as I have also seen its still possible to turn the lawnmower into a self propelled power harrow if the cutting height is set to too low ( or plow position )  as some may call it. But its a good sign that dry weather is coming which I personally cant wait for, as the camera can finally come out of hibernation after a long winter of inside product photography.

Anyway have a great end to the week, stay safe and happy farming!



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